Legal Protection of Trade Secrets as stipulated within Jordanian Laws
Ahmed Al-Nuemat, Mustafa Al- Atiyat

Commercially precious information that gives a corporation a competitive edge like customer lists, production methods, advertising strategies, pricing data, and chemical formulae is what is known as a trade secret. Safeguarding these secrets is thus essential for corporations. Three different aspects are associated with trade secrets: one comprising their essence; their business value; and keeping reasonable efforts to maintain secrecy. Such terms are essential in attaining actual protection in addition to offering proof of secret existence upon request through judicial protection. This study considers the various approaches and techniques used to safeguard trade secrets by giving an individual lawful charge of filing a complaint where court needs attending to any abuses contravening his/her rights to these secrets. Therefore, the present study offers a detailed analysis of the kind of litigation considered when seeking civil legal actions involving trade secrets; the offended, by considering immediate complaint or civil action against the individual who legally cased the damage to as to have his/her trade secret protected.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jble.v5n1a1