New Attitude to Functions Reviews of Public Institutions
Živilė Tunčikienė, Rolandas Drejeris

Possibilities for business development are influenced by many environmental factors and conditions. A major one is public sector, more specifically, the services provided by public sector. In the context of growing environmental demands and expectations in respect of public sector, it becomes necessary to justify activities of institutions in the light of creating the preconditions for implementing the priorities of country’s development. For this purpose, application of the functions review method in public sector has been internationally recognised as appropriate. While public institutions carry out reviews of functions, they face with methodological level problems which aren’t still resolved in essence. A major issue is the methodological approach to functions review. A methodological basis of such review provided in special literature is insufficient. Our research allowed to supplement the methodological basis of functions review with well-founded approaches and to systemise methodological provisions for functions review. This article contains both the original recommendations on how to assess factors which determine selection of the methodological approaches for functions review and the regularities of links between such factors and methodological approaches which are recommended in setting an integrated combination of the methodological approaches for particular situation of public institutions.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jble.v3n1a1