Legal Theory
Legal and Deductive Reasoning
Constitutional Law
Administrative Law
The Court System
Civil and Criminal Procedures
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Criminal Law
The Concepts of Tort and Strict Liability
Common Law Contract Theory
Uniform Commercial Code
Application of the Property and Bailment
Agency Law
Employment Law
Law for Business Structures
Intellectual Property
Law of E-Commerce
International Law
Law of Contract
International Legal Environment
Analysis of contemporary environment of business law
Business Law and International Trade
Real Estate Law
Tourism Law
Ethics and Diversity
Leadership and Business Ethics
Organizational Ethics
Global Ethics
Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
Information Ethics
Ethical Conflict
Moral Philosophies and Business Ethics
Business Ethics Evaluations and Intentions
Corporate Culture and Business Ethics
Organizational Structure and Business Ethics
Significant others and Ethical Behavior in Business
Codes of Ethics and Compliance Standards
Effective Communication of Ethical Standards
The Ethical Compliance Audit
International Business Ethics
Current Issue