Dr. Abdus Samad
Utah Valley University
Orem, USA.

Abdus Samad, US Fulbright Scholar and a Scholar of the Year 2013 (Utah Valley University Woodbury School of Business) obtained B.A. (honor in Econ) Rajshahi University, Bangladesh, M.A (Econ), Lakehead University, ONT, Canada, and Ph.D.(Econ) University of Illinois, Chicago, USA.

Dr.Samad is currently an associate professor of Economics and Finance at Utah Valley University, Orem, USA. He taught at various US and Asian universities including University of Illinois-Chicago, Northwestern University, Chicago, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, International Islamic University Malaysia, and University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain .Dr. Samad is specialized in banks portfolio management and has published about sixty articles in the national and international refereed journals. Dr. Samad currently supervises national and international research projects. He and wife, Lufa, have two children—Sameem and Shahina.